I’ve been giving workshops and hanging out at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters, for those of you who aren’t in this field).  Three questions I think worthy of consideration (and future blog posts by moi):

Are ubiquitous digital tools causing us to overshoot photos and video (well, yes), thus making workflow overly focused on dealing with quantity as opposed to creative and quality…and what are we going to do about it?

How are issue advocacy nonprofits leading the way in terms of the convergence of multi-platform media and communitiy-building, and what can the rest of us learn from them?

And a question for those of you here in Vegas: What’s the coolest “new thing” at NAB that will change the way we think and work creatively? Comment below!

(Shameless plug: See the post before this if you want to come to some of my remaining sessions!)

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  1. Adam Wormald
    Adam Wormald says:

    I had a great time sitting in your sessions with many takeaways. In fact, I am back in the office today and will be looking over my notes as I begin to plan future projects.

    In response to your 3rd question, my team was VERY impressed with the Samurai by Atomos. It will revolutionize the way we capture footage and the capabilities afterwards. So many other great things about the show, but that stood out.

    Thanks again for your great classes!

    • amy's brand buzz
      amy's brand buzz says:

      Adam, I really enjoyed teaching this year–what a fun bunch! Any thoughts from you or your colleagues for topics for next year, lemme know. The Samurai does look like a good solution. (For civilians, this device combines a field monitor with a hard disk recorder that can capture HD resolution video directly from your camera and store it to an internal laptop drive. It records 10 bit 422 video in both Apple Prores or Avid DnHD (though I understand you have to pay for this upgrade), which is very nice for the tech folks on the editing side of things. If you do get the Samurai, shoot me an email once you’ve used it and tell me how it changes/affects your post workflow.


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