Producing a Video Crew

Getting what you want out of a video shoot is often a juggling act. You need to avoid budgeting issues, get your crew on board with your creative vision, and plan logistics for the day(s) of your production, among many tasks. Amy walks you through what you need to know about working with outside production teams, from specifying gear to insurance and release forms, plus logistical check-lists to be sure you have everything you need to reach the finish line.

Multi-Platform Video Producing

Become more confident in your multiplatform delivery strategy and discover how to be more creative with your content. This course is designed to help video producers who find they need to distribute video to multiple platforms simultaneously, including web, mobile, large live event screens and more. Make the right decisions from the start of your pre-production process to ensure a smooth workflow and efficient use of time, money and staff resources.

Freelance Work Strategies for Video and Graphics Pros

To be a successful freelance creative you need to mesh your artistic talents with your ability to manage a small business. In this workshop, Amy offers her years of expertise as a creative business professional, teaching tools, strategies, and skills you need to not just survive but thrive in the gig economy. Learn what you need to grow your business, including building relationships with clients, setting your rates, getting paid and more.

Video Editing: Moving from Production to Post

With projects moving at lightning speed, “fix it in post” is no longer possible.  In this workshop you will learn smart production strategies to streamline video editing and maximize your creative choices, whether you work in Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro. Amy DeLouise and Luisa Winters review production planning, on-set strategies for effective media management, and tips for creating transcripts, editing scripts, asset lists for editors, editing tips and how to future proof your productions.

Script Writing for Nonfiction Video

Content creators are producing more reality-based videos than ever before. Nonfiction video can promote advocacy, fundraising, training, and even “edutainment.” But producing any video without a solid script is a challenge. Even corporate or documentary films. By learning an effective script writing and script-to-screen process in Amy’s course, producers can lower their overhead costs and improve storytelling impact and audience engagement.  Learn script-to-screen workflow, story structure, narrative arc, working with sound bites, tools to write your script, and involving clients and stakeholders.

The Art of Video Interviews

Don’t get caught up in lighting and camera work and neglect the interview itself. Producer Rich Harrington and communication specialist Amy DeLouise team up to show you how the pros prepare for, organize, and conduct great video interviews. Learn about performing background research before you “set foot on set,” positioning the subject in front of the camera, building trust, avoiding common mistakes in questioning, capturing secondary audio for use in a podcast, and much more. Amy brings years of interviewing expertise to this important subject, while Rich offers tips that will help make editing easier and reduce the amount of money spent in post-production.