Content Production

Video is powerful tool for storytelling. When done right, videos can show rather than tell.  They can move donors to tears…and to action. A video can change the feeling in the room during a plenary of a conference, or change the open-rate of an email campaign.  Video can be your best brand ambassador.

Our team knows how to get the story right. From shoot to graphic design to edit and music curation, we have you covered to deliver the story that will motivate and engage your target audience.

Social media gives you a multi-channel opportunity for storytelling.  Our social media campaigns are based on strategy, starting with two key components: a competitive analysis and analytics of your current audience engagement. Social media done right can be a game-changer for your brand story.

Our team knows how to get social right. From concept through design, caption-writing and scheduling, we have built strategies that deliver not just increased views, but increased engagement by key target audiences.