Tell a Better Story. That’s what our consulting services deliver. You may need one-on-one consulting as the leader of a communications department. Or perhaps your team needs a customized workshop to help them better manage creative workflow from script to screen.  Maybe you are in a staffing review and want to drill down into your team skills and responsibilities before creating new job descriptions. Or perhaps you are looking for strategies to solve a specific problem–today, Covid-19 is forcing many organizations to boost their in-house streaming and remote event capabilities. Whatever the challenge, we can help deliver a customized and cost-effective solution.

Recent consulting projects include:

-Managing teams, content, and outside vendors for better workflow and cost savings

-New staffing configurations for an in-house video studio

-Amping up digital engagement, community-building, and social sharing with a process for user-generated content

-Educating board members about effective use of social media for impact

-Emotional scripting for impact video storytelling